State Chairman: Tina Miller
District 1                Janice Nicholson  
District 2                Jackie Ellis
District 3                Nancy White                     
District 4                Tina Miller                       
District 5                Michelle Holland               
District 6                Debra McCoy               
District Chairmen

Tina Miller
Orange Durham County
306 Revere RD STE B
Hillsborough, NC 27278
(919) 732-4301 - Phone
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Past Award Winners


A.        Obtain records from past Chairpersons.
B.        File written reports of committee activities at each Board of Director’s Meetings.
C.        Establish and maintain contact with the Southeast and National Committee Chairpersons.
D.        Keep the State Newsletter editor informed of committee activities.  Provide an article for each edition.
E.        Select committee members if additional people are needed to carry out committee responsibilities.
F.        Committee Chairpersons shall provide a written report to the NoCASCOE Secretary-Treasurer at the NoCASCOE Annual
Convention.  This report should summarize the work and activities of the Committee over the past year.

2.        AWARDS

A.        Inform membership to make nominations by announced deadline each year.
B.        Solicit nominations by working with District Directors.
C.        Work with the nominator on the final write-up.
D.        Obtain a list each year from the STO of those members who have been authorized for training.
E.        Before any winner is notified, the Awards chairperson must submit copies of all applications and score sheets to the
NoCASCOE President.  The NoCASCOE President will check scores for accuracy and will verify the eligibility of all
applicants.  The Awards Chairperson will then notify the winner.
F.        Encourage the membership to take advantage of outside training.
G.        Award $100 Cash Award to each Distinguished Service Award Recipient.
H.        If NoCASCOE Award Recipient is a Southeast or National winner, NoCASCOE will pay $400 toward travel expenses to
SE Area Rally or National Convention.
I.        DSA award winners receive one night’s lodging and 2 banquet tickets for those who attend the State Convention.
J.        Award $25 to a NoCASCOE member submitting the winning DSA nomination.
Distinguished Service

Lynne Hall
Sick Leave Awards

1000 hrs:
Karen Beneville

2000 Hrs:
Joyce Ramsey