By Wendy Modlin

I appreciate the opportunity to serve this past year as the State Awards Chairperson.   I have learned a lot about the responsibility of this job,
and with the help of Jeanie Setser, I got through it.    Each person in this organization needs to take the opportunity when it arises and
volunteer for these positions and learn just what is involved in making an organization like ours work.

There were several applications received for the various distinguished awards for NASCOE.   All of the applications were very well worded and
I am sure each and every one of the people nominated deserved an award.   For those who submitted nominations, thank you for your

Awards were presented at the convention this year in Charlotte.   The “Service to FSA” award was awarded to Ida Faye Cutler, Program
Technician, from the Beaufort-Hyde FSA Office.    This was a very deserving award for Ida Faye, as each of you probably know.    I can not
count the times I have picked up the telephone to ask this lady questions about new programs and/or old programs.   As always, helping with
the most pleasant voice she always spoke with.    The farmers of her county, fellow workers, past and present CED’s and locals always have
good things to say about Ida Faye and the way she conducts business.    Ida Faye retired this past January and I am sure that the farmers and
county office staff miss her and her expertise.     Good luck to you, Ida Faye, in all that you do and have a great retirement.   Thanks for your
years of dedication to FSA.

Another award presented at the convention this year was the “Service to the Community”.   Rosie Hale, Program Technician from Pasquotank-
Camden-Currituck Office took the honors this year.    She is a community activist, worker, and most of all dedicated person to the community.   
Rosie is originally from the mid-west states and moved to North Carolina only a couple years ago and instantly took to the community,
volunteering for work.    She has volunteered at the local library, worked with the community play group, reads at a local book store, gave a
face-lift to a local coffee shop, painted a Bed & Breakfast sign in front of the business, and most recently, volunteers at the hospital in the gift
shop.     And you ask, “How can one person do so much”?   If you ever meet Rosie, you will understand.   She is a ball of energy that keeps
going and going.     Congratulations Rosie!    Keep up the good work in your community and may all of us use you as an example.

Pictured above - Rosie Hale receives the NoCASCOE “Service to the Community” Award from President Pam Pollard.

Not only did these ladies receive awards from NoCASCOE but they were also the winners from the Southeast Area for NASCOE.  
Congratulations to both of you!  

UPDATE:          Ida Faye Cutler, retired CPT from the Beaufort-Hyde County FSA, was the 2007 NASCOE winner of the “Distinguished Service
to FSA” Award!  Congratulations Ida Faye!
Past Award Winners
It is my pleasure to announce the winner's for
NoCASCOE awards for the 2007-2008 year.

Service to FSA-Agriculture - Shelba Witherington, PT, Craven -Carteret Office

Service to NASCOE -
Kay Yates, CED, Craven-Carteret Office

Kay has also won the Southeast Area Service to NASCOE award.   Congratulation ladies, for your dedicated service.

Also, thanks to all the district chairpersons for participating in the nomination selection.   Thanks for serving NoCASCOE.

Wendy B. Modlin
State Awards Chairperson
Congratulations to
Cecelia Edge
Winner of the Extra Mile Award
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Congratulations to
Kay Yates.
National Award Winner for
Service to NASCOE
Shelba Witherington
Service to NoCASCOE
Award Winner
2008 Awards
2007 Awards
Congratulations to
Ron Garrett
Winner of the NoCASCOE, SEA. and National
Award for Service to Community
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Congratulations to
Joyce Ramsey
Winner of the NoCASCOE Award for
Service to FSA and Agriculture
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2009 Awards
Distinguished Service
Award- Service to

Ron Garrett
Distinguished Service
Award-Service to

Janice Nicholson
Sick Leave Awards

1000 hrs:
David McBryde, Wilson, NC
Jeanie Setser, Cherokee, NC

Tina Miller, Orange, NC
Martha Mills,Haywood,NC
Pamela Pollard, Cumberland, NC