Committee Chairperson

Shannon West
Edgecombe County
201 St. Andrew Street Suite 144
Tarboro, NC 27886
252-823-8187 Ext 112  - Phone
District 1                Barbara Tatham
District 2                Michelle Mitchell
District 3                Karen Morris     
District 4                Robin Nunnally          
District 5                Mary Kate Batten           
District 6                Shannon West                
District Chairs


A.        Obtain records from past Chairpersons.
B.        File written reports of committee activities at each Board of Director’s Meetings.
C.        Establish and maintain contact with the Southeast and National Committee Chairpersons.
D.        Keep the State Newsletter editor informed of committee activities.  Provide an article for each edition.
E.        Select committee members if additional people are needed to carry out committee responsibilities.
F.        Committee Chairpersons shall provide a written report to the NoCASCOE Secretary-Treasurer at the NoCASCOE Annual
Convention.  This report should summarize the work and activities of the Committee over the past year.

2.        BENEFITS

A.        Work to protect employee benefits.
B.        Coordinate efforts with the Legislative Committee Chairperson on common items.
C.        Develop a team of reference people in the following areas:
a)        Retirement
b)        Health insurance
c)        Change of station
d)        Other areas as needed
D.        Work with the Secretary-Treasurer to recognize employees who have accrued sick leave according to increment recognized
by NASCOE Policy (1000 hours, 1500 hours, etc.)
E.        Work on behalf of NoCASCOE members to acquire new employee benefits.
NASCOE Endorsed Benefit Provider
Please contact Shannon West
for the membership #