District Chairs
Chairperson: Ron Garrett
District 1                Kim Rumfelt
District 2                
Neil Burnette
District 3                
Starla Harwood          
District 4                
Jackie Jeffers               
District 5                
Alex Sasser               
District 6                Danny Tharrington                 
NASCOE Negotiation
Submission Form

Submission deadline December 15
The 1, 2, 3 of Negotiations
United States
House of Representatives
House Committee on Agriculture
Committee Chairperson

Karie Hudgins
Onslow FSA
4026 Richlands HWY
Jacksonville, NC 28540-8872
(910) 455-4164
Rosie Hale, Neal Burnette,
Lorraine Dillard, Christer Measmer
(Staff Member for Richard Burr),
Betty Kornegay, and Marth Mills
Larry Kissell, Jeanie Setser,
Kevin Wooten
Lorraine Dillard, Lisa Mangi ( Legislative
Fellow for Brad Millers Office), Rosie Hale,
Neal Burnette
Rosie Hale, Neal Burnette,
Lorraine Dillard, Senator Richard
Burr, Betty Kornegay, Matha Mills
Kevin Wooten, Lorraine Dillard,
Congressman Mike McIntyre, Rosie Hale,
Neal Burnette, Jeanie Setser
Kevin Wotten, Jeanie Setser,
Congressman Bob Etheridge
Neal Burnette, Rosie Hale, Lee Lilly
(Aide to Congressman Butterfield),
Lorraine Dillard
Congressman Howard Coble, Rosie
Hale, Neal Burette, Lorraine Dillard
Pictures From Past Conferences
National PAC Powerpoint
PAC Signup Process
PAC Fact Sheet
PAC Info. Brochure
NASCOE Legislative
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A.        Obtain records from past Chairpersons.
B.        File written reports of committee activities at each Board of Director’s Meetings.
C.        Establish and maintain contact with the Southeast and National Committee Chairpersons.
D.        Keep the State Newsletter editor informed of committee activities.  Provide an article for each edition.
E.        Select committee members if additional people are needed to carry out committee responsibilities.
F.        Committee Chairpersons shall provide a written report to the NoCASCOE Secretary-Treasurer at the NoCASCOE Annual
Convention.  This report should summarize the work and activities of the Committee over the past year.


A.        Maintain a network by which legislative contacts can be made.
B.        Establish and maintain a working relationship with Congressional Representatives.
C.        Attend National Legislative Meeting and coordinate congressional contacts.
D.        Provide guidance and encourage NoCASCOE members to write/talk to their Congressional Representatives.
E.        Review and publish amendments as proposed for the Association Constitution/By-Laws.
PAC Form
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