Scholarship Committee

State Chairman: Lori Wynne
               District Chairs

District 1                Christine Farrington
District 2                Angela Martinez
District 3                Tami Thomas                
District 4                Shelley Noblin              
District 5                Lisa Peedin                
District 6                Doris Croom                
Contact Information

Lori Wynne
Martin County FSA
104 Kehukee Park Rd.
252-792-7197 - Phone
Scholarship Booklet


A.        Obtain records from past Chairpersons.
B.        File written reports of committee activities at each Board of Director’s Meetings.
C.        Establish and maintain contact with the Southeast and National Committee Chairpersons.
D.        Keep the State Newsletter editor informed of committee activities.  Provide an article for each edition.
E.        Select committee members if additional people are needed to carry out committee responsibilities.
F.        Committee Chairpersons shall provide a written report to the NoCASCOE Secretary-Treasurer at the NoCASCOE Annual Convention.
This report should summarize the work and activities of the Committee over the past year.


A.        Publicize and distribute eligibility information, deadlines, website information and applications for NoCASCOE and
National Scholarship Awards.
B.        Distribute copies of applications meeting eligibility requirements to District Scholarship Chairpersons for contest judging.  Any
applications not meeting all eligibility requirements will be reviewed with the NoCASCOE President prior to a final determination of
C.        Conflict of Interest – Scholarship applicant from county where District Scholarship Chairperson is judging shall be sent back to the
State Scholarship Committee Chairperson.  State Scholarship Committee Chairperson will appoint another person to judge.  
D.        Upon receipt of ranked scoresheets from District Scholarship Chairpersons by the State Scholarship Chairperson, the State Scholarship
Chairperson will compile total scores for each applicant.  In the case of a tie score, the NoCASCOE President and State Scholarship
Chairperson will rank the tied applications to determine a winner.
E.        Review and forward winning NoCASCOE scholarship applications to the Southeast Area Scholarship Chairperson according to
established deadlines.
F.        Any application that is submitted by a dependent of a NoCASCOE member must meet requirements of legal dependent by IRS.  
The IRS requires a child/step child to pass all six tests which are:  Relationship, Residence, Age, Support, Nationality and Marital Status.
G.        Before any winner is notified, the Scholarship Chairperson must submit copies of all applications and score sheets to the NoCASCOE
President.  The NoCASCOE President will check the scores for accuracy and will verify the eligibility of all applicants.  The Scholarship
Chairperson will then notify scholarship award winners.
H.        Publicize State Award winners.
I.          Any applicant may apply more than once for scholarship; however, applicants may receive scholarship award only once.
J.        Scholarship Committee is to determine the number and value of each scholarship awarded; scholarships will be approved by Board of
Directors as subject to funding.
K.         Scholarship award recipient will receive one night’s lodging and maximum of three (3)banquet tickets.  Banquet tickets for recipient and
L.         If NoCASCOE recipient is Southeast Area or National winner, NoCASCOE will pay $400 towards travel expenses to attend SE Area Rally
or NASCOE Convention.
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2019 NoCASCOE Scholarship Program

Deadline is January 15, 2019
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