To All NASCOE Members:
We had one Program Efficiency suggestion/concern about the ICAMS (or now EmpowHR, I guess) passwords expiring
every 90 days with a suggestion that password expiration dates get extended to 6 to 12 months. The other part of the issue
was that once a password had expired, the employee had to contact the state office to have a new password established to
gain access to the program and frequently the State Office was besieged with similar requests.

In a series of emails with appropriate contacts in WDC,
the following policy and information is currently available to
share with members

EmpowHR is all controlled by NFC now.

Current password policy: Passwords do expire in 60 days.  Due to security concerns, it doesn't appear that NFC will be
extending the password timeframe.

Password reset policy for EmpowHR: There is a process in place where employees can reset their own passwords,
thereby eliminating the need to bog down the State office. All users are encouraged to complete the 'My Profile' portion so
that their password can be sent to their email address.

The EmpowHR Help Desk has confirmed that, if the EmpowHR profile has been updated with the proper email address
and the user's profile also has them set up in the workflow as an email user, then the employee should get the new
password in an email notification. They also add that if this does not work for the users, to notify the Help Desk via email
( they will inform the programmers.

Bill Putnam
NASCOE Programs Chair